To Ensure Accurate Availability Quotes       All Appointments Must Be Made Online

How Many Housekeepers Do You Send?   We send one housekeeper for residential jobs, and two for commercial cleaning projects.

Do Any of Your Services Cost Anything Extra?  

Do You Charge Extra For Move-In, Move-Out, Appliances, Windows, Etc., Like Everyone Else In the Area?
No. We can also provide a same-day invoice, to present to your landlord, indicating the professional services that were rendered, in accordance with your lease agreement.

Do Your Specials Cover My Area?
We currently have several different promotions. They are all the same price, but have different zip code policies. For specific information, visit the ‘Book Now’ page.

What Does The Groupon / Living Social Voucher Cover?
One (1) hour of service. For details, please visit our ‘Book Now’ page.

How Do I Get A Free Quote?
You look at the Service Estimate Chart on our ‘Book Now’ page. Those are recommendations, based on decades of cleaning experience. Of course, every property is different.

Are Supplies Included ?
Because our estimates are given sight unseen, clients are responsible for providing all supplies and equipment to be used during service.

Why Don’t You Require A Certain Number of Hours, or Force Us To Sign Up For A Minimum?
We are different in that way. We like to say that “nobody knows your property like you do, because you see it everyday.” You know what condition your property is in, and about how long it would take to make it sparkle again. BOOK ACCORDINGLY.

What Is The Estimate Chart Based On?
We give our estimates based on square feet, as this is the most logical approach. When selecting the number of hours that you desire, we strongly recommend using common sense. If the property has been professionally maintained, and just needs some touching up, it probably won’t take our technician long at all to work her magic. If your place hasn’t been deep cleaned since Jesus got his fist internship as a carpenter, you might want to add an extra hour or two. You and your family will be happier and healthier. Trust us, you are worth it!

How Will She Know What I Want Done? 
You will give your housekeeper a written list of chores upon her arrival. You can pick any of the services listed on the “Services” page, and add your own! None of the services cost anything extra. Your list should be numbered, so that she knows what order to go in.

My Old Cleaning Company Required That I Was Gone When They Came, So I Wouldn’t “Get In Their Way." Is Your Company The Same?
No, we are quite the opposite. We prefer that our clients are home at the time of the cleaning. As a matter of fact, if the home is occupied, the client must be present the entire time, for the initial visit. After all, it is your home, so we want you to be involved in the process, every step of the way! Our housekeepers form life-long relationships with their clients, so we don’t believe in the ‘Clean-and-Dash-and-Hope-They-Like-It’ routine. We like to actually see the smile on your face when you and your housekeeper do the final walk-through together and you see your new home…. Call us Old Fashioned! The walk-through is our chance to make sure that everything has been done to perfection, and to your specific standards.
What If The Home Is Vacant/Empty?
If the home is vacant/empty, the client is only required to be present at the start of the visit, to allow access and provide the list, and at the very end, to do the final walk-through, inspection, and to secure the premises. Moving in/out can be a hectic time, and we don’t want to slow you down. We don’t expect you to hang around an empty house, with no cable or Wi-Fi. We’ll save the relationship building for next time!

When Are You Available To Clean?
Our housekeepers are available 7 Days a Week. We also provide same-day, next-day, weekend, holiday, and evening service, all at no additional charge. For an updated look at our availability for cleaning appointments, visit the “Book Now” page.

 What Are Your Office Hours?
Our office hours vary, and are always posted right here on the 'Contact Us’ page. Remember that we have appointments available seven days a week, even during the hours that our office is closed. When our offices are closed, we are reachable via email, and will respond within 24 hours, regardless of the day/time.

How Accurate and Up To Date Is The Online Calendar? Can I Call To Check To See If There Are Any Cancellations? 
Of course, you are family now, and we always love to hear your voice! You are welcome to call us, but there is no special cancellations list available via telephone. The online calendar is updated in real time, and reflects all available appointments, without exception. The calendar is constantly changing, so if the perfect date and time isn’t currently available, keep checking.   FAQ CODE - 47HY73

To Ensure Accurate Availability Quotes       All Appointments Must Be Made Online

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